Friday, July 31, 2009

nobody nobody but you! {:

Weekends! :D:D:D

Friday, lessons time was.. very typical!
After school, some people stayed back.
{Sixian, Daphne, Daniel, SiLin, Ginnie, Brenda, Hsiaowen, YiJie, ShiNing&Benny!}
We danced, screamed, shouted, laughed, jumped& played alot hahaha!

Had dinner, night study! :D
Studied/ did homework/ chatted/ ate alot! ^^

Can see that the people in our class are getting more hardworking!
Reason: our class didn't get scolded this whole week for not doing homeworks haha! :D

Oh had a little session with Mrs.Lim,
did you people show your parests your targets? (:
Anw class commitee would be collecting class fund {50cents} for_____ (beware of spies!}.
In case some of you have pocket money less than 50cents/ need time to raise 50cents, remember to prepare by monday okay! :D

That's all for now,
Next friday it's going to be much more exciting!
Hope blogger gets fixed by then and i can upload the pictures. (:

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hii people, its me again !

update on various events
days to 26th oct:87 days

National Day Celebration
date:07/08/09 (nxt fri)
venue:YCK station
attire:class tee ?

Realease of MT 'O' results : before/after NDP

Prelims Dates starting week 9 (nw week5)
24/08 : Chem P1 & 2
25/08 : Phy P1 & 2
26/08 : Amath P1 & 2
27/08 : EL P1 & 2
28/08 : SS
Emath P1
2/08 : Geog
Emaths P2

Pressurised ? Hehehehe if yes that meants i have meet my target .

okokay lets cut short .
shall summarise everything .
SS-Bowen sec (due next wed 5/08)
Serangoon sec ( due 12/08)
EL-Anglican Prelim 2008
PChem - 3 worksheets given (* ask for mrs lim if you don have)
PPhysics-Workout book
Amath-Trigo,Further Trigo,Binomial Theorem
Geog-worksheet Q 3, 4

Whoa ! so much homework right ?
there's nothing you could do to make them disappear
so lets work very hard to complete them OKAY ?
jiayou people ! I know it very pressurising and tiring
but endure until the last paper finishes .
And also that lazy ones you better pull up your socks until very very high !
thats for today !

winnie =]]

oh ya ! below is the recording of 4e2's ver of "My People,My Home"
*hope your dun mind and enjoy
**its abit unclear
***lead singer :Daphne,Javier,YiJie & Marvin(watch out for his part)

PHSS_4E209 ver. "My People, My Home" -

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yo yo guys!!!

Hey!!! Its wednesday!!! So it is the "Hurricane Bomb" Hayato's turn to post again!!! Lets see for todays interesting events... Ms Khrishnan didnt come today...seems we missed another eng lesson...lets finish all our work and if she comes tmr lets all hand our homework to her and impress her...yeah!!! Oh SS lessons we missed the other 35 mins as well due to health screening...hopefully the 15mins or so are helpful to u guys... will be the National Day cum Sports day we hav roughly selected some of our players to fight for the glory!!!! Ofcourse it will nt be mention secret!!! HAHAX!!!

Oh guess we guys had fun singing the new national day song...taking the recollections with Daniel as well as the reflection regarding wat is takes to be a Singaporean...yeah!!!

Reminder: Prelim forms pls rmb to sign and pass to daniel...

Ther will be lots of new excitement and interesting activities for u guys next week or lets all look forward to it shall we? YEAH!!!

Oh pls be reminded that tmr ther will be a chem test...

HW for the day:

Eng-------------------------------temasek P2 speech
E maths---------------------------self practice orange book
A maths---------------------------Self practice white book and red book
SS--------------------------------Guess self revision
Science (Phy, Chem)---------------Akkutatawu again...
Physics---------------------------Revised Physics workout if u can
Chem------------------------------Anderson paper and also the new 10-year series

Today not much class so HW updates are generally quite lesser also because teachers are not here...

Lastly...Yong Jing recover soon!!! YEAH!!!

Randall™ aka SonicDestiny aka The Forgotten Bankai aka VGL-Storm Guardian signing off...

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sunny Dae

Hello ppl!
Its tuesday again! Today's PE lesson was so FUN!!!
now like odd and even... nomore our original de liao...
haha... by the way, there will be more information coming up on the NATIONAL DAY ...
so jus be prepred for the games!!! Most importantly is the cheer!!!

*bring thermometer
*prelim exam reply slip

Test of the week ...
*A-maths during acer(wed)
*chemistry mock exam (pure)(thursday)

see u tomoro!
by: The really friendly class committee

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Wahahahaha here's the update of Monday 27/7
Lets see what important things happened today :

- wooohooo there's sports day!!!!!!!! We mus have the 必胜 artitude so guys get ready for it !
- oh today is also zhijie's b'day so HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZHIJIE :)
- hmmm... Oh there's PE tomorrow... Hurray!
- the class comm have alt of things to say to u guys on FT period so pls cooperate with us :)

- amath white booklet ( trigonometry, further trigonometry and the next chapter haha)
- English red booklet ( xinmin sec)
- geog exam practises ( naval base sec)

that should be it than... See u guys tomorrow bye!
By : the cow jumped over the moon

PS: jiayou to Marvin and Leonard who are going for their interviews this week :)

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Friday, July 24, 2009


Our dear Mr.Song is __! :D
{can say his age? haha!}

JunHao: Sixian today is Mr.Song's birthday leh.
Sixian: Really? How you know?
JunHao: Daniel saw on faceook.
Sixian: Cool! O:
Went to double check with Daniel, he say he saw.
Sixian: Mr.Song today your birthday ah?
Mr.Song: NO. Why? *smiles secretly*
Sixian: Is lorh!
YiJie: 1, 2, 3!
Mr.Song: *went to the board and wrote* "1 year closer to mid-life crisis."
LOL haha Mr.Song is so cute isnt he? {:

Night study today! (:
Wore our class tee haha i like it when E2's so easy to spot cause of the striking orange! :D
Our population 'grew' haha!
{Hope i didnt miss anyone.}

It's really nice studying with everyone isnt it? (:
Plus all the teachers who stayed back to help us, so sweet! ^^

Anw homeworks are scary,
I dont even feel like mentioning!
Hardworking people would have taken it down while those who never take down - I assume you dont want to do them! X:
Just remember to do your Geography if you havent done so,
unless you want your phones to be confiscated by Mrs.Ali haha! /:

Anw do you people want to make something for the teachers?
CHOICE ONE: _______ in the form of a video.
CHOICE TWO: Live performance on that day.
CHOICE THREE: Give them a longlong -------
*On second thoughts, maybe i shouldn't say it here. There're spies everywhere you know!*
Form teacher period then! {:

Bloob Bloob Club/ Ruler Gang/ Calculator Gang/ Vongola Guardians/ etc.
Getting entertained by stickers.
Singing happy birthday songs.
Making Teachers'Day card.
Getting scoldings together as a class.
Rushing homeworks together.
Studying together.
This week is filled with so much rubbish and stuff but i like it! :D:D:D

Study hard, mockexams are coming to attack us!
We will win in the end right, it's always the good people that win. (:
People also wants Best Class Award!
I'm sure our united-ness would not lose to their desire for the MONEY!


PS: pictures maybe tmrw? O:

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hii people , sorry for posting so so late .
lets see ...
today is already thursday, and this week is going to end le(so fast right)?
first lesson was ss and we had a small test to complete 1 SBQ
and the purpose is to let us get a taste of the timing we had during exams
did you finished ?
next was english and we continued using the pink,green and orange sticks
following was chem and mrs lim gave the answers for 2008 'o' answers
and go through the anderson sec paper ...
recess was delayed =[[[
after recess is amath and we are suppose to the questions on :
-max and min pts
-integration & application
emath lesson as usual do the orange booklet ,
and physics turn out to be an MCQ test ?. (relief)

tomorrow night study classes are on
hope that tomorrow's attendance will be much better , ya
and people lets all wear our class tee okay ?
don you think its so cool ?
a "sea of orange " working very hard ??

summary of homework
eng-the oral question she gave
math-Clementi Town sec p1
amath-white booklet 4) & 5)
Tanjong Katong P1 & 2
geog-bring workbook tomorrow

test coming up
-24/07 amath on differentiation , rate of change , tangent and normal
-28/07 english compre mock exam
-30/07 chemistry mock exam

update is there is more =]]
jiayou people !!! work hard together =]]

winnie =]

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday Post!!!

Hey Yo!!! Wednesday is the day to rock it out!!! YEAH!!! wednesday. Today is our O level chinese listening compre...alright I would say it will be about a rating upon 5 it is about 3.5 or 4...sum of u might think that it may be easier...different people different thoughts...

OK!! English and SS was sorta abit change of plans for the u can see the traffic light sticks made by Ms Krishnan is more effective at getting our attention...the class is participating more right now...which is good. Also SS Ms Lo gave a activity wher she wans us to write down wat we have learnt in these 3 weeks and also we hav a mini competition on the see whether isit the left hand side or the right hand side win...SO it is real good to see the class participating...

Pls dun forget my fellow frens that tmr there is a Physics mock test...for pure is at lesson time...for Combine is at acer or sumthing...if I am not wrong...therefore all the best!!!

Ther is also alot of upcoming mock tests...A maths is tmr too as well as Chem is next Jiayou for all!!

Night study also pls be reminded to wear class tee if going...lets show our class spirit tgt yeah!!!

ALSO!!!! Lets congratz our july birthdays-----Winnie, Leonard and Min Hui!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS!!! Gratz 16!!!

Also, Leonard has received a note that this Thursday which is tmr is his interview for the course he wanted...lets wish him all the best and may he be successful in getting applied directly!!! Jiayou Leonard!!!

HW for Wednesday:
Eng----------------The enviroment things that we have to write
E maths--------------Yeah the Orange booklet once again
A maths---------------Tanjong Katong Girls P1 and P2 also sum work from the White booklet I guess
SS--------------------corrections for both Bowen sec and Serangoon sec
Geog------------------Dunman High, CTSS and the Greendale paper
Physics---------------Physics sum practice
Chem------------------The ammonia worksheet given and also the worksheet on ammonia and electrolysis

Yeah...also those whose phone still with Mrs Ali, rmb to finish up everything and also rmb to bring file and hand to her...and Good Luck claiming yr phone bak...

Thats all Guys!!!
Randall™ aka SonicDestiny aka The Forgotten Bankai aka VGL-Storm Guardian signing off...

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

" Together We Strive & Shine "

Hey ppl! Its tuesdae once again...

Aww man-- didn get to have any pe lessons todae ... cause of the racial harmony day "celebration" haha anywae, jus by havin the game alone seems to be a little bland??? should we add some spice to it? haha

Alright... Exams are round the corner... prelims around 1 mth time and "O" lvls? 97 MORE DAYS!!!! isn it like 'WOW" .... time seems to be flying!!! anywae JIA YOU PPL! work doubly hard ba... there isnt seem to be many more days left :D
Tmr is 22/7/09 = 'O' Lvl chinese listening compre... ALL THE BEST!!!

Today's special note =D

rmb to bring : NRIC

rmb to check : your classrm and seating arrangement for the listening compre

HomeWork of the day: A-Maths (tanjong katong paper 1 and 2) due nx mon
( stationary pts, maxima and minima, integration)

Alright bye ppl see u again tmr! ALL the best!
Anywae, rmb the class motto!!!

Brought to you by : The Really Friendly Class Comm =D

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Monday, July 20, 2009


Muahahahaha!!! Today it's my turn to post... Let's see what major things happened today...

- omg first lesson half the class had their phones confiscated as they forgot to bring their files... Well that's a first time for mrs Ali since she had never punish before.... So for those whose handphomes are still under her "safe-keeping" remember to bring along ur file tomolo to claim it back....

- the chances of PE tomorrow is slim due to racial harmony day.. However, I do recomend that u pack along your PE attire just in case :)

- today ms Krishnan was also furious that we did not complete our geog homework thus resulting in confiscation of handphones... But I think she may have misunderstood... Some did do their homework it's just that they did not bring their file...

- todays Chinese lesson was the 3rd last time that we would be seeing our Chinese teacher... After Wednesday all Chinese periods will be replaced already... Awwww so sad... Early goodbye to miss two and mr chan...

- in case some blur toads had not realize what o lvl part we have on wednesday, we have Chinese listening comrehension after school... But we will have an early dismissal for lunch...

- for those who have not handed in their English letters ( catholic high) please remember to complete and bring it tomorrow or else you would surely face the music...

- today was also Adam Khoo's booster lesson... Our presenter was Huimin which we never met before... She kept repeating she loves this class haha... Also our class was also obcess with banging the table ( actually is to taunt e1 wahahaha) anyway they did not react so sad... But the lesson was fun... She enforce the importance of having motivation... So blah blah blah.... In short it's never too late for revision...

- oh remember to check out ur sleeping cycle haha.... U may wantto tag ur sleeeping cycle on the tagboard to share with the class wahahaha mine is around 6 hour... What's yours?

- Homework
• pure chem: worksheet on electrolysis and ammonia
• pure phy : bring SPA file with everything filed
• geog : all uncompleted works
• eng : letter if u have not completed

well that's all for today...

By: the cow jumped over the moon :)

PS: get well soon Sean :)

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Friday, July 17, 2009

We will get there, together. :D

Stay nice! ^^

Hmm what shall i say!

Fridays are always the nicest weekday of the week cause we know that the next two days are finally time for us to relax!
In addition, fridays are also the shortest school day cause we get to go home early. :D

Nothing espically special happened today,
just that Mr.Lin said BaoLe looks like me which is TOTALLY FALSE.
Amaths homework to my surprise most people did it! O:

Class commitee members stayed back to do teachers'day card!
{SiLin, Daniel, ZhenYu, Winnie, Sixian, Ginnie, Javier with ChinHui, Joyce&YiJie who left halfway}
Right after school to about 6pm,some home, some headed back to school while the rest continued doing. (:

Night study in school!
Was in canteen, but 1N3 classroom is opened,
so you can go in there but that place is STRICTLY for silent studying without any discussions allowed.
So tempted to go there cause it was so noisy but we remained cause we need to talk awhile at times right!

School was afraid some of us didnt have dinner{spot-on!} hence brought biscuits for us. (:
Kind of amusing watching YiJie forcing the tin open with his hands and using so much force he trembled&turned red haha! O:
Finally with Benny's help they opened it,
and the thing flipped two perfect rounds before landing back in the hole haha cooool! :D

Teachers& our seniors were there to help us out! ^^
Did quite a number of homeworks,
time passed so fast!
Like only an hour later we were told it's already close to nine& we had to pack up.
Not enough time but at least the time was spent on better things than computering! (:
Took pictures&home. (:

People who went:
Lenice, MunTeng, ZhenYu, Winnie, Sixian, Javier, Marvin, YiJie, Benny, Leonard. (:
Anyway do you people want to wear classteeshirt there next friday? (:

PS: Teachers are getting grumpy&easily agitated nowadays! Maybe it's due to their stress as our 'O's are coming {they seem more worried than us haha!} Try to do all your homeworks to prevent getting longlong lectures by them! (:

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Thursday, July 16, 2009


WAHAHAHAHAHAHA finally i have the time to create a download link for the social etiquette course photos.... if you face any problems in downloading the file from this website, remember to come and tell me so i can scout for another one.... :)


Quote of the day : "Always look on the bright side of life" ^.^

By: the cow jumped over the moon :)

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Ofcourse This is the Thursday post!!!

Ha!!! This is then the Thursday post...I guess this is my punishment and I have to overtake Winnie job of the day...So lets see... as usual is more intensive compared to other days becuz every thursday is a full study Assembly, CME, FT...No early dismissal...I guess this is why we are gonna have Thursday Blues...

Alright seems that Ms Lo were quite unhappy with us today...Nevertheless...we shall stay awake for her lesson...try yr best guys!!! She has put in alot of effort and we gotta cooperate YEAH!!! so...lets finish her bowen sec paper...we can learn faster also...

Ms Krishnan is still not pleased with us...seems like ther is more to put in that it meets the eye!! Lets try to finish her HW on time as attention so u wont lose out...

So today after class is the Chem ACE for sum students and I was one of them...So I would like to share sum things I have learn
1.Alcohol+Carboxylic Acid=Ester
2.Potassium Dichromate is a oxydising agent
3.Potassium Dichromate turns orange to green when it reacts with an alcohol
4.It turns green as the formula of Potassium Dichromate is K2Cr2O7 and when it oxidises the alcohol, it loses the Oxygen atoms and therfore to balance it, Cr7+ becomes Cr3+ causing the Potassium Dichromate to turn green

Yeah...Harry Potter is also out most of us are waiting to watch it when we are free...Harry Potter fans are so gonna be so high these few days...

Oh and Upcoming events are a few mock test here and ther...also pls be reminded that tmr ther is a night study 6.25-9pm...hopefully all will attend and learn sumthing from it...all the best to u guys!!!

HW for Thurs:
Eng-------The letter and also the topic on a person u admire...Rmb to finish it
E maths------Again orange book
A maths------White Book questions to be done ASAP
SS-----------Better finish up Bowen sec paper...or else Ms Lo is gonna get angry again
Geog--------likewise...guidebook test papers
Phy----------Practice on the Structured Question Book
Chem--------The Cedar girls paper which is given today by Mrs Lim
Sci(Phy,Chem)-----Sry...i know nothing

Thats all!!!
Randall™ aka SonicDestiny aka The forgotten Bankai aka VGL Storm Guardian...signing off...

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PS its abit late this time

Sry ah...this is suppose to be the wednesday post...However it is abit delayed...I apologize for any inconvinient lets get started with the posting... Wednessday...Maths Mock test...blah blah blah...I can understand some of u guys are pretty much know that the Mock test is relatively some it is juz a piece of cake...Yeah! Perhaps after getting the mock test results back it is great of we can somewat know our mistakes and improve...

Ms Krishnan is still angry with us...which is not a good news. Lets start working and cooperate and try to finish her work on time...

H1N1!!! Mr Song is advising us to have social distancing...ofcourse sum golden rules like dun share water this and that...We got 2 classes in our school that has students in it that is suspected or confirmed to hav H1N1...So everyone lets take care of yourself and be the best for everything!!! YEAH!!!

HW for Wed:

Eng-------Finish up the letter and compre and also the compo...we do not want to make Ms Krishnan angry again...
E maths-----Lets just say practice on yr own at home using the orange book
A Maths-----The White book juz came
Geog-------The guidebook test papers...
SS---------FInish up Bowen Sec prelim
Phy--------Not much i guess...rmb the structured essay question book
Chem-------The worksheet on atmosphere...Anderson Sec paper and also unfinished work
Science(Phy, Chem)----I am not sure...sry

Thats all folks!!!!
Randall™ aka SonicDestiny aka The forgotten Bankai aka VGL Storm Guardian...Signing off...

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday, July 14

More Stuffs Comin up....
its tues once again and its also our PE LESSON!
Anywaes, i guess today's pe lesson was fun isn it? haha
so let's continue again nx week ^^
uh-oh, nex tues, 21 of july is RACIAL HARMONY DAY.... so high chances we will be wearing traditional costumes :D

All Right, dear students of 4e2, pls be reminded to

*complete your EL home work
*finish up your rewritng of ss


*Chemistry Mock Exam is on next thursday (pure)
*Geography Mock exam is on wk 5
All the best ppl!

BY: The Really FRIENDLY class committee

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Monday, July 13, 2009

monday blues @.@

Woops sorry for the late post haha i forgot that its my day today....
well lets see what are the highlights for the day....

-hmmm.... we tried to find the "board" to see our best class award ranking but cant find anything -.- ( hopefully we are leading ^.^)
- Pure chem students have homework on the air and atmosphere worksheet given today...
- Tomolo there's eng so remember to complete your homework...
- This friday we would be missing another lesson on geog due to mrs ali being away for the social etiquette course.. however there is still a greendale paper to be done on that day...
- Last week our school had our first H1N1 case from a student in sec 3( shall not say the name #.#) so let us all play a part by being socially responsible... for eg : DON'T COME TO SCHOOL IF YOU ARE SICK!!!
- During Amath lesson we had a new teacher but she just sat behind....
- After our recess the temperature taking excercise was a mess and that sparked off miss teo... so guys remember to follow intructions !!!!!
- Oh also, our blog have been made known to mr song so WELCOME :)

Well that should be it.... OH lastly, THANKS A DOZEN for your support in visiting the class blog regularly..... We are proud to announce that our blog count has exceeded 1000 in less than a month.... so a huge thanks in supporting the class committee in visiting and tagging of class blog.... See ya next week :)

By: the cow jumped over the moon :)

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Saturday, July 11, 2009



Social Etiquette course on 10thJuly!


It was nice watching everyone dressing up isn't it? (:
Girls look exceptionally elegant with heels, dresses&skirts,
while others looks professional&smart with the tight skirts, silk pants& collar-ed blouses! :D
Same goes for the guys,
even though i call some of them "over-dressed uncles",
quite WOW that our usual sloppy guys actually look good dressing up! :D

Started with a brief lesson about dining manners from MdamHoney,
how we should place our forks&spoons according to the dishes,
how we should drink our soup,
how we should pace our eating speed to accomodate everyone so that all of us finish together. (:

Some people role-played different people,
all of us cracked up at their awesome actings haha! {:

Half an hour to dressup&stuff! :D
I dont know about the guys but it was sure amusing to look at girls getting flustered cause they think they look weird! {:
Took pictures& bus-ed to Swensens at SuntecCity!

I think the past 2 hours of lessons didnt work,
cause when i tried drinking the soup the correct way it dripped on my clothes at the first spoonful! O:

We just gobbled our food like usual,
until when the "teachers" come then we tried to eat nicely haha!
Enjoyed listening to everyone's chatter&laughters,
while E1 people sat there dining nicely! {:

Mushroom Soup,
ChickenChop/ Fish&Chips,
Chocolate ice-cream! :D:D

Aww they're sad cause their ChickenChop came but they had to wait for everyone's food to come before starting! {:

Took picture! :D
Sixian: why you all enver smile!

Sean&Elson: How to smile!
Sixian: LIKE THIS! :D


Daniel had another serving of Banana Split given by Mr.Song!
Sang happybirthday song REAL LOUD for him heehee!
He shared his icecream with us! {I ate all the cream! :D}

Finished our food, back to school! (:
Continued with our lessons&wrapped up everything for the day!
Scenarios of job interviews,
Do's &Dont's when you're interviewing for jobs.

Sixian: why you never smile.
Bryson: okay again again.

After thanking this picture, i realised..

Elson sits like a gu-niang! O:

Called the guys to smile, Hsiaowen suddenly pop-ed out haha!

Best dressed for the day:
Shirley&Yijie! (:

Took a groupshot with MdmHoney! ^^ Cam-whored& packed up! (:

Unglam shots! X:

Nobody dance!

Poor Brenda&ZhenYu forced to become part of "Che-Bang"!


Mouse-Hunters! :D


PS: Pictures will be available to be downloaded by Tuesday. (:
come back soon&please tag to appreciate the classcom's efforts! :D

By: The Tallest Girl in 4E2. (:

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