Monday, April 5, 2010

4e2's FOCUS Night ! ~~~

Hello all!!! We will be going back for FOCUS nights to help our juniors on friday nights... Dun worry if u have nothing to help.. moral support is good enough haha!

Things to take note:
Time: 6pm at compass 7-11 area.. ( or meet at school also can )
Duration: 6.30pm to 9.30pm
Attire: Wear our long long never wear CLASS TEE (Bring along if u have school or work)

Plz reply via sms/tagging/facebook/email or whatever forms of communication to either sixian or daniel... thx!

Oh also think of a subject that u can help in :D

People confirmed going so far:
- Sixian
- Daniel
- Mengkiat
- Ginnie
- Samuel
- Leonard
- Fion
- Addison
- Javier
- Marvin
Updated on 7th April 2010 10.26pm

PS: Plz try to come cause its kind of like a gathering for us too :D Oh btw this post is post number 100!

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